Gigiri Lion Villas

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Feel right at Home


Gigiri Lion Villas II offers luxurious and comfortable accommodation with unique themes that make you feel right at home.

All the rooms feature panoramic views, premium luxury linens, and a range of high-end comforts designed to delight and inspire. Comfort and privacy for our guests being among our top priorities, all rooms are fully equipped with ultra-modern equipment for your convenience including an in-room espresso machine, this way you do not have to wait for your first cup of coffee. You might never want to leave your room and that’s cool with us.

Our Rooms

Designed in an ideal space for work and relaxation, Gigiri Lion Villas’ bedrooms are elegantly decorated and equipped for the perfect home feel.

Get in Touch


238 Gigiri drive, off UN Avenue, after US Embassy in Gigiri, Nairobi.

Tel: +254 111 200 200

EMAIL: [email protected]